S S C Y: City of New York - TACK TRIANGLE

Our large tote backpack in a unique Japanese nylon with an open center slot in the front for odd shaped objects.

We love tote bags - easy access, no sweaty back, easily removed. We love backpacks - distributes weight, easy to ride with on a bike, but we could never ride a bike with a tote comfortably or safely and we got tired of taking our backpack off every time we needed something, so we combined the two and made the patent pending convertible tote backpack. Throw it on as a backpack, ride to the market, convert it to a tote in seconds, shop, then switch it back, and pedal to the next adventure.

This style has a special open slot in the front for items like a yoga mat, jacket, or magazine. Additionally, one can clip the corners together to make the bag smaller.

Unlike commonly found nylon, this unique twill woven Japanese nylon in a matte finish with a hand feel reminiscent of wax cotton is specially treated to give it structure and subtly sounds like a paper bag when handled. Because it has structure, we can use fewer materials to keep the bag light and durable. The fabric is lightly water resistant, but does soften when wet, yet will stiffen up again when dry.


    Water resistant durable and light imported Japanese structured nylon twill in a matte finish
    metal hardware, YKK zippers
    zippered top
    clip the snap hook and ring at bag corners to make bag smaller
    hidden exterior pocket in front triangle with interior key fob
    large open center slot for long/odd shaped objects and quick access
    leather button snap handle for carrying ease
    detachable shoulder strap
    zippered interior pocket 10.25 x 7.25 inches
    leather zipper pulls for easy access even with gloves
    1.5 inch wide straps for comfort
    15.5 inch wide bottom, 7.5 inches deep, 16 inches tall, and 25 inches wide at top

The open center slot in the front allows a variety of objects.

Additional secret stash pocket in the front triangle with interior key fob.

Convert from backpack to in seconds.


Make the bag smaller by clipping the corners together.

A close up of the matte finishe twill Japanese nylon fabric and poly webbing.

Shoulder strap included.


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