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Introducing the Tack bag weekender - the backpack disguised as a tote bag.

We love tote bags - easy access, no sweaty back, easily removed. We love backpacks - distributes weight, easy to ride with on a bike. But we could never ride a bike with a tote comfortably or safely and we got tired of taking our backpack off every time we needed something, so we combined the two and made the patent pending Tack. Throw it on your back, ride to the market, convert it to a tote in seconds, shop, then switch it back to a backpack, jump back on the bike, and pedal to the next adventure. As a top loading bag it can also handle oversize objects, yet it also has adjustable front straps for odd shaped objects as well. Handhold it, wear it on your shoulder, or carry it on your back; this could be your perfect weekender bag.


    water-repellant 18 oz. heavy weight duck cotton canvas, metal hardware and buckles, YKK zippers, leather accents
    zippered top with additional snap hook and ladderlock for quick closure and adjustments
    leather accents on handles for comfort and grip
    six 8 inch deep exterior pockets (able to fit a 9 inch u-lock)
    zippered interior pocket 10.25 x 7.25 inches
    zipper pulls for easy access even with gloves
    1.5 inch wide straps for comfort
    side straps allow for additional carrying options such as for yoga mats, mailing tubes, and skateboards (not recommended for long boards)
    key fob in outer rear pocket
    updated backpack straps
    21 x 6 x 16 inches when fully open

SSCY tack bag bike

SSCY tack bag chest

SSCY tack bag woman

SSCY tack bag woman 2

SSCY tack bag khaki outside

SSCY tack bag khaki tote outside

SSCY tack bag folded clipped

SSCY tack bag side

SSCY tack bag open

SSCY tack bag skateboard

SSCY tack bag interior

SSCY tack bag black top

SSCY tack bag animation conversion

SSCY tack bag detail

SSCY tack bag blue

SSCY tack bag blue open

SSCY tack bag grey closed

SSCY tack bag grey open

SSCY tack bag forest green front

SSCY tack bag forest green open

SSCY tack bag khaki front

SSCY tack bag khaki side

SSCY tack bag navy side

SSCY tack bag navy side

SSCY tack bags comparison animation

Left to right tote backpack comparison from largest to smallest: Tack, Tack Sling, Tack Day
Model is 5'10" 155 lbs.


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